Plates / Rustic Blue & White / Flores Azules with Solid Trim

Plates / Rustic Blue & White / Flores Azules with Solid Trim

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Our partner in eastern Michoacán hand paints these charming, rustic blue & white patterns that we just love. Just feels like what you should be using during a stay at your casa de campo for a long weekend away from the city. 

Available in 3 sizes: Dinner, Appetizer, Dessert


Dinner: 27cm diameter, weight 2lbs
Appetizer: 24cm diameter, weight 1.75 lbs
Dessert: 19.5cm diameter, weight 1.5 lbs
ORIGIN: Michoacán

Shipping / delivery details
Free delivery within cdmx on orders > $30
To US & Canada
These are a bit of a challenge due to their size and weight. 
1 plate (appetizer or dessert) can ship for $14.95. We might be able to pack up to 6 safely in a box that ships for $45.
Dinner plates require a larger box size that ships for $65. We can safely pack 4 dinners plates in that box. 
If you would like to order multiple items please contact us to see how we can best consolidate & minimize your shipping costs.

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